Single side ALuninum foil bubble with Pe white insulation

    pure aluminum foil (aluminum-coated film) and the excellent barrier performance of the heat-insulating material with the double effect of light reflection, and the air inside the bubble can well block the heat. The combination of bubble and aluminum foil makes Insulation materials have more advantages in the same type of insulation materials!

    1. Sandwich Reflective Insulation, thermal break and vapour barrier for use in roofs /wall /floor

    2. •3-in-1 Solution:provides a protective Insulation Barrier, Radiant Barrier and Vapor Barrier.

    3. •Advanced Thermal Solution Protect against radiant heat

    4. •Guaranteed Performance:Durable and non-degrading product manufactured using a unique anti-tear material

    5. •No Health or Safety Risk:easy to install and  contains no fibers making it Non-Allergenic

    6. •Reduce Utility Bills and Saves Money: protects against summer heat gain and winter heat loss reducing energy requirements

    7. Rodent and Insect Deterrent: Does not provide food source or nesting grounds for rodents or  insects.


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